Prayer to Epione, Goddess of the soothing of pain

Praise be to tender and merciful Epione. I honour and adore you. Beloved wife of Asklepios, Godly mother of Iaso, Hygeia, Panakeia and Akeso and celestial mother to many more. Forgive me for my errors. Kindly Goddess, I beg you to ease my burden of loneliness, jealousy, heartache and fear. Please stop me from hurting so badly that I cannot continue. I plead to your grace and the grace of your family. Lay your fair hand upon me, comfort me as no one else will. I want so very strongly and I know that is wrong but I pray that you will not let me endure more than I can bear when I don’t think I can last much longer. Honour, worship and respect to you, gentle and learned Goddess. I am thankful for your blessings.


Zeus hears all prayers

‘So Achilles prayed
and Zeus in all his wisdom heard those prayers.
One prayer the Father granted, the other he denied:
Patroclus would drive the onslaught off the ships-
that much Zeus granted, true,
but denied him safe and sound return from battle.
Once Achilles had poured the wine and prayed to Zeus,
he returned to his shelter, stowed the cup in the chest
then took his stand outside, his spirit yearning still…’

– Homer’s Iliad, Book 16

Zeus is the Father and king of Gods and men. He protects the weak. He upholds the law. In layman’s terms, He’s the big boss of just about everything. There are instances in the mythology where He recognises the authority of others (such as Nyx), but on the whole, He is supreme. It is therefore logical to presume that He hears any and every prayer. As is shown in the Iliad, He cannot grant every prayer as sometimes Fate gets in the way but it’s safe to say that every prayer is heard.

I pray to Zeus. I pray that His great and mighty will be done, not mine, as for me right now, Father knows best.