Helios, bringer of joy

In a typical year in my country, there aren’t that many days of sunshine per year and the highest temperature I’ve ever experienced was about 25°C. That makes it all the more special when Helios does decide to bring us sunshine and heat. It’s very much a part of the culture here to ‘make the most of the sun’ (as it usually doesn’t last long) which means that on a sunny day the majority of people will be go outside to enjoy themselves.

This, in my eyes, in Helios’ blessing. He gives me the opportunity to get out of the house and go and do something, live my life, in you will. I went down to the beach today (I’m on my holidays at the minute though still in the same country) and even while I was walking down there there was such a profound feeling of happiness in the air that I ended up including Helios in my libations (that’s another post coming up soon) even though I had not originally planned to.

To me Helios symbolises making the most of the here and now, and truly revelling in any happiness that comes your way.

And to make up for the large amount of UPG in this post, I’ll end with a quote,

‘Hail to you, lord! Freely bestow on me substance that cheers the heart.’ – Homeric Hymn #31


Ares who inspires courage

Today included an event that I’d been having a lot of anxiety over, which was working against me and stopping me from being able to function to the best of my abilities. In an attempt to overcome this, I turned to a Deity who is strong and fearless. Ares, mighty God of war and battlelust, has these qualities in spades. Last night, I decided to attempt to contact Him.

I saw a list of adorations on this blog and took the time to write them out, thinking out each one and its meaning in order to acknowledge Ares’ greatness and therefore worship Him fully. The act of physically writing them out, rather than just reading them, helped me tremendously.  I asked Him to help me find the courage I needed. Later, I drew a tarot card for the event and got the 4 of wands, a card which to me symbolises a warm welcome and stability. I felt this was a sign from Ares that there was nothing to fear.

At the event today I was still a little nervous but not nearly as anxious as I had been in the days leading up to it and I believe Ares is to thank for it. Tonight I’m going to write out the adorations again and thank Him profusely for his help.

So that’s that story, I hope you enjoyed reading it. I know I’m not the best writer but I try my best.

Hail Ares!