The Delphic Maxims: some favourites

So I’m back at it. Maybe after taking a break coming back to it gradually rather than going in head first all guns blazing will do me some good. I found it easier to talk about how I can obey the Gods rather than the Gods themselves, so here’s some of my favourite and least favourite Delphic Maxims.


Pray for happiness (Ευτυχιαν ευχου) – Happiness is what I want from life and therefore what I pray for often as happiness is harder to find than it seems.

Love friendship (Φιλιαν αγαπα) – My friends are everything to me, I literally couldn’t cope without the support of other people even if they do get on my nerves sometimes!

Do not tire of learning (Μανθανων μη καμνε) – High school put me off learning a lot, it put it in a really horrible environment where I wasn’t supported at all. I hope this changes at college and I can get back to enjoying it again.

Rever a sense of shame (Αισχυνην σεβου) – Feeling genuine shame often means you’re doing something wrong and it gives you a chance to better yourself.

Least favourites

Rule your wife (Γυναικος αρχε) – hahahahahahaha no.  Just no. Do I even need to explain this one?

Intend to get married (Γαμειν μελλε) – I’ve never been big into marriage and it did (I say did because my country has legalised gay marriage now it’s the best thing the British government have done in about 20 years) erase certain groups. I suppose I could interpret it as ‘find someone to share your life with’ but then again it still implies that you have to settle down.

Respect your parents (Γονεις αιδου) – I can understand how you should respect the people who’ve looked after you as you couldn’t have done without them but my dad has done some things (I don’t want to go into detail but things that a father should not do) and I cannot and will not respect him.

Kind of a personal and not very informative post but it’s something. I tried veiling for the first time today and I got this gut instinct to put something up here so here you go.


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