Libations in 5 minutes

There will be times in your life it will be just too difficult to find the time and space to do libations, for example if you’re away with people who you don’t want to know about your faith (which is my present situation). In these times I go for the notion that any libation is better than no libation at all and go for a makeshift, faster version.

Note/disclaimer: This is not the best way to do libations, if you do have the time/space/whatever to do a proper one then do it. Don’t cheat the Gods.

All of these steps here are ‘if possible’ so adapt them as you wish. You won’t need anything out of the ordinary so all you’d need to say is ‘I’m going for a walk’ or something to that effect. Just a water bottle (filled with water obviously, as that’s the libation) and perhaps a notebook and something to kneel on.

  1. Planning is essential. This could be the only libation you make for the day/week/whatever frequency you normally do them, so be sure to include everything you need to. It helps to have a good idea of what you want to say (or whisper if you’re in a relatively public place) so that you don’t get lost for words under pressure.
  2. Find somewhere where you won’t be disturbed. This is often easier said than done but try to go somewhere a little off the path behind a tree or a bush so you’ve a little privacy . Worst comes to worst someone might think you’re having a wee. It’s worth bringing something to kneel on, especially if it’s sandy or muddy.
  3. Often meditation takes too long, so taking a few deep breaths and trying to centre just a little bit will suffice. If you have to walk to get to your chosen spot then you might want to try mediating in motion. (Have a quick google, you never know you might discover something new that really works for you.)
  4. Before you do anything, be honest and say ‘[names of God/s you’re worshipping], I have a limited amount of time.’ or something to that effect. Chances are you’re going to have to make the libation to multiple Gods so you should always be aware and respectful. Apologise if you want to but make your main focus the worship.
  5. Do your libation from the water bottle however you would do it normally. Try not to rush this part even if you do feel pressed for time. The key here is to be sincere. If you followed step 1 and have a good idea of what you’re going to say then this step is easier. I would suggest maybe beginning with something for a text (for example: ‘I will sing of Zeus’) and then going on with your own words to say whatever you need to say.
  6. Thank the Gods for Their time and blessings.

As long as you are respectful and heartfelt I don’t think you can go far wrong, and even if you do, the Gods will let you know.


One comment on “Libations in 5 minutes

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